NSA create account on GitHub

Tinuku ~ United States National Security Agency (NSA) officially opened an account at GitHub. The world's most excited intelligence agency shares 32 projects on GitHub's repository server provides access control and some collaboration features such as bug tracking, feature requests, task management, and wikis for each project.

Tinuku NSA creates an account on GitHub

Among all US intelligence agencies, the NSA is known as the most closed body. The institution has the motto "Defending Our Nation, Securing The Future" it employs high-level coding and mathematicians to solve encryption, gather information about enemies, and defend the country from digital threats.

Not surprisingly, the NSA tends to always prefer to work in secret. However, since Snowden spoke about the NSA in 2013, gradually the institution is increasingly showing its existence to the public.

A few years ago the NSA opened a Twitter account. When Edward Snowden joins the microblog-based social network in 2015, the NSA account is the first account he follows.

Most recently, the NSA opened a GitHub account and has shared a number of NSA Technology Transfer Program (TTP) code repositories. So far, the repository has 32 various projects, though some are still 'coming soon'.

Some other projects are not new and have been available for a long time. SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) has been a part of the Linux kernel for years.

GitHub is a repository of controllers and Internet hosting services are widely used to put the code. The service offers all distributed version control and source code management functionality and adds a variety of features on its own.