Naver and Qualcomm collaborated on developing AI

Tinuku ~ Naver and Qualcomm partnered in developing artificial intelligence (AI). South Korea's leading service provider Naver Corporation collaborated with Qualcomm Technologies to build AI technology. The two companies on Monday said an agreement would provide AI-based Clova platform to Qualcomm's Internet of things (IoT) processor.

Tinuku Naver and Qualcomm collaborated on developing AI

"We hope partnership with Qualcomm will help improve the ecosystem of Clova-based platforms. We will continue to improve the features and build related services to change the paradigm into the AI era," Naver CEO Han Seong-sook said in a statement.

Both companies said the combination of Qualcomm's system-on-chip (SoC) and Naver's AI system platform will produce a standard model of AI-based devices. A smart device with AI-based digital assistant service will use Qualcomm's chip technology and Clova Naver system at the same time.

"Our strategic partnership with Naver's AI business will strengthen both companies' presence in IoT market," said Qualcomm Korea President Lee Tae-won.

"The incorporation of Clova AI system platform and Qualcomm Technologies chip technology will support our client device manufacturers to build more convenient and competitive IoT products and services to consumers," said Tae-won.

Naver and its Japanese-based subsidiary, LINE, have announced the development of Clova AI system platform in March. Naver and LINE released the Clova beta as a mobile assistant app recognizes digital sound in Korea.

"Based on several partnerships, we aim to connect all devices, places and environments to AI technology via Clova and we will also use Clova to build ecosystems with more diverse content, partners and device manufacturers," LINE said in a statement.

LINE has also signed an agreement with Toyota to utilize a car intelligence technology called "Smart Device Link." Partnership will also be woven with Family Mart to use Clova and other LINE services for retail businesses.

Naver and LINE plan to launch Clova-based digital "Wave" speakers in Japan and feature a more portable "Champ" device this year. They also developed an intelligent display device called "Face".