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Nobina will soon operate Volvo 7900 Electric Bus in Malmö

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Tinuku ~ The Volvo bus takes orders for 13 electric buses from Malmö in Sweden. The bus operator Nobina has ordered 13 Volvo 7900 Electric buses to operate in Malmö from the end of year. This is the largest single order so far for Volvo electric bus is equipped with lithium-ion batteries and specially designed for fast battery charging in less than 6 minutes.

Tinuku Nobina will soon operate Volvo 7900 Electric Bus in Malmö

Nobina will add 13 new Volvo 7900 electric buses to the fleet by the end of 2017. The bus uses about 80 percent less energy than diesel bus, the battery will be recharged at the end of track using overhead charging equipment capable of recharging for three to six minutes.

"It's really satisfying that now one of Malmö's main routes will be completely powered by our quiet, pollution-free electric buses," says Jörgen Sjöstedt, head of Volvo Buses for Scandinavia.

"Electrically powered bus operations contribute to environment much better for everyone who lives, travels or spends time in the city, and this is the trend we want to push," Sjöstedt said.

"It is also very important that we return to Nobina, to whom we have been supplying buses for over 80 years. Nobina is one of our most important partners," Sjöstedt said.

The new bus from the Volvo 7900 Electric model using the battery will be charged at a three to six minute route stop. The bus will run on route #7 in the town of Malmö which is 14.7 km away. The bus has a length of 40 feet, a low floor and three large doors to go up and down passengers.
  • Fully electrically powered, two-axle, 12 metre long city bus with low floor and three door openings.
  • 80% lower energy consumption than a corresponding diesel bus.
  • Quiet, exhaust emission-free.
  • Equipped with electric motor and lithium-ion batteries.
  • The batteries are charged at the end bus stops in three to six minutes.


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