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Optimus Ride prepares autonomous car tests on public roads

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Tinuku ~ Optimus Ride Inc., an MIT spinoff company, announced they have received approval from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) to test autonomous vehicles. The Boston-based startup is using NVIDIA's DRIVE PX 2 device planted into an electric-powered car to provide a complete mobility-on-demand system.

Tinuku Optimus Ride prepares autonomous car tests on public roads

Optimus Ride is headed for a fully level 4 automation system for electric vehicle fleets. The company says the system is equipped with AI supercomputer DRIVE PX 2 for automobile supplied by NVIDIA and claim safe, practical and accessible mobility.

DRIVE PX 2 is one of NVIDOA's flagship product that allows many startups like Optimus Ride to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles. The human-sized, energy-saving module platform with AutoCruise features towards AI supercomputers capable of fully autonomous driving.

The AI system allows the machine learning algorithms to comprehend the environs in real time within a 360 degree radius as the vehicle moves, displayed in an HD map and will plan and decide on a safe path.

"The computing power needed to build autonomous vehicles eventually goes into the market with the latest NVIDIA products, particularly the DRIVE PX 2 hardware and software supporters," said Sertac Karaman, co-founder, president and chief scientist at Optimus Ride.

"We are proud to have NVIDIA that supports to build affordable, uniform, accessible, clean, and fun transportation," Karaman said.

Optimus Ride is headquartered in Boston Seaport District spanning 20,000 square feet with outdoor and indoor testing facilities. MassDOT and the City of Boston have also given permission to begin testing autonomous vehicles on public roads and common properties throughout Massachusetts.

In October 2016 Optimus Ride has raised a $ 5.25 million Serie A fund led by NextView Ventures and FirstMark Capital. Other funders include Greycroft Partners, Morender Venture Partners, Haystack, Uj Ventures, NVIDIA GPU Ventures, Nicco Mele and Joi Ito.


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