is B2B fishery marketplace platform

Tinuku ~ brings B2B marketplace products from the sea. Indonesia is the largest maritime country in the world with two-thirds of the region is the oceans, various commodities and many transactions that occur in this industry has inspired Farid Naufal Aslan, Indraka Fadhilah and Utari Octaviany to establish startup Pasarlaut.

Tinuku Pasarlaut is B2B fishery marketplace platform

Online marketplace aiming for the needs of fashion and electronic products in Indonesia has been many, while marketplace focusing on fishery and marine industry is not yet available. Pasarlaut, the English "Sea Market", has filled a niche that has vast market potential.

"We are similar like Alibaba or Tokopedia, but focus for B2B fisheries. Our target consumers are seafood processing companies. Then, in the future also to hotel and restaurant customers," said Aslan as CEO of Pasarlaut.

The supply chain of marine products is very complicated involving many hands. Aslan, Fadhilah and Octaviany founded Pasarlaut in May 2015 have the main goal to seize the gap by cutting the supply chain from fishermen to be directly accessible to buyers.

"In May we did a validation to search the market. In July launching web beta, and no transaction. A month later there was a booking, "said Utari as Marketing Director of Pasarlaut.

"At that time we did not think at the time of launching web, many orders coming. But the problem is most of the buyers from areas we have not reached," said Utari.

Fisheries is a very complex world that involves supply chains, fishermen capital, weather, logistics, traditional low-education fishermen and technology. Market business model is very unique, their customers are mostly buyers of bulk fish.

"They do not use digital payments. They booked through the website, then we phoned for confirmation. So even like a portal," said Utari.

Commodities such as shells with a volume of order 120 kilograms per week. Utari said the sales volume has not been as large as it is still strengthening the supplier base. The main target of buyers of Pasarlaut is among fish processing companies, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and businesses that need bulk fish.

"We want to go forward as a startup that brings unique proposition from Indonesia with Pasarlaut. China's strong manufacturing got Alibaba, Pasarlaut is a maritime country here," Farid said.