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Picowork launches cloud services running on all platforms

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Tinuku ~ Taiwanese company Picowork has budgeted US$14 million to build a cloud-based operating system designed to work across devices and computing platforms. The cloud system launched in Hong Kong on Thursday, June 2017 allows Apple, Android, Windows and Linux platforms to connect to each other.

Tinuku Picowork launches cloud services running on all platforms

Taiwanese technology company Picowork launches the world's first collaborative cloud operating system. Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provides a secure, efficient and neutral online environment for users to communicate and share data for all hardware and software.

The company plans to immediately start a sales and marketing campaign formally launched in the three largest information technology markets are the United States, Japan and mainland China.

Picowork Chief executive Frank Cheung said Hong Kong provides a strategic location to expand operations and support a growing customer base. Picowork founded in Hong Kong in 2010 has spent US$14 million to develop the base OS cloud as an online platform for users to do collaborative work.

"Currently we have 30 customers spread across Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China, they are retail industry, technology, manufacturing, education and business consulting," said Picowork Director Steve Chen.

PaaS is a cloud computing service market segment that allows users to deploy an application platform using devices supported by service providers. Cloud computing allows companies to buy, sell, rent, or distribute over the internet.

At this launch Picowork demonstrates usage across multiple platforms is iOS, Android, Windows and Linux Apple simultaneously to collaborate and share data on the company's cloud operating system neutrally.

Picowork has secured dozens of patents for cloud OS and computer platforms in the US, mainland China, Taiwan, Japan and Europe.


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