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Chinese researchers successful space-based quantum experiments

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Tinuku ~ Chinese scientists successfully developed the first communications satellite based on quantum physics. Through this satellite, scientists managed to send photons from space with distance of 1200 kilometers as the experiment of delivery of the farthest photon ever done and the first delivery between Earth and space.

Tinuku Chinese researchers successful space-based quantum experiments

Researchers from Hefei University in China say the system opens new horizons for quantum communication and basic quantum optical experiments. Encrypted information transmitted over quantum networks will not be disturbed by data thieves.

A great achievement with one of the strange phenomena of the sub-atomic world. Photons behave like twins and experience the same thing simultaneously, even at great distances. The new result being a breakthrough for quantum network security is guaranteed a very safe physics law.

"Different from today's cryptographic systems that rely on complex mathematical systems to store data safely. While the quantum system is unbreakable for hackers," said Jian-Wei Pan, a researcher with Hefei University.

The researchers conducted trials using the world's first satellite supporting a Chinese-made quantum called Micius. This satellite creates pairs of photons to devices connected through quantum bonds.

Signals are transmitted simultaneously to ground stations in separate areas. Each pair of particles will travel about 1200 kilometers without damaging the connection between the photons. The researchers report in the journal Science.

The space-based technique developed will have the potential to revolutionize telecommunications. Photons or neutrons are created in such a way that they are interconnected and behave as if they are a whole, even if they are physically separated.

Particles create a communication system sending secure messages wirelessly, signals or codes. The action on one will be detected by the other, so messages sent along the channel will not be hacked. The properties of quantum physics also save the potential of super-fast computer.

The American and European teams are also considering sending quantum-based equipment to the International Space Station. One test will see if the gravitational field changes affect the attachment. Scientists will compare photons in the micro-gravitational environment in orbit sent to Earth.


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