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Rakuten Music and Napster collaborated to fill 26 million songs

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Tinuku ~ Rakuten will expand the music catalog. Rakuten Inc. announced it will launch a catalog extension for streaming service with a total of 26 million songs by the end of 2017. Rakuten Music launched in August 2016 has had a catalog of 6 million songs including the latest J-Pop and Western classics.

Tinuku Rakuten Music and Napster collaborated to fill 26 million songs

Rakuten said the catalog expansion allows users to enjoy music in a variety of genres such as Moby, Jack Johnson, Chance the Rapper, Franc Ocean and others. Additional tracks will be provided by Rhapsody International Inc and serve streaming music in 34 countries.

The partnership is the first time for Rhapsody with Napster division providing music to the Japanese market. They are also exploring the potential for collaboration to enhance Rakuten Music features using the mobile app platform.

"We are excited to collaborate with Napster to improve the music streaming service on demand in Japan," said Naho Kono, managing executive officer of Rakuten Inc. and head of e-commerce business, Thursday, June 1, 2017.

A campaign is held on 8 to 30 June where users who listen to Rakuten Music's track list will get Rakuten Super Points.

Subscribers can receive up to 300 Rakuten Super Points during the campaign period with only listen to songs for more than 31 seconds. A maximum of one point can be earned from each song. Points will be awarded at the end of August 2017.

"Expanding our offerings with music from Napster's diverse catalogs, we want Rakuten Music's customers to have a chance to discover and enjoy new music from around the world," Kono said.


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