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Tinuku ~ The large agricultural market in Indonesia encourages Edward Siagian and Chintya Fransisca to establish The startup marketplace serves the sales of machine tools for the agricultural, aquaculture and ultimately helps farmers in the production, marketing products and online loan facilities.

Tinuku a startup of farm machinery up to fintech is a startup marketplace serving foodstuffs, farm equipment and online lenders has grown into a social company with thousands of users and billions of rupiah worth of transactions since its establishment three years ago.

Siagian said SiKumis is a marketplace that brings farmers, fishermen, breeders, and variety of small entrepreneurs based agribusiness with industrial consumers. The platform provides agricultural and livestock products, including tools and production machinery.

"Based on our research, from farmers to end consumers have seven links so the food prices are very expensive. This platform is cutting 80-90 percent to leave a hub to accommodate all retail," Siagian said in Jakarta.

"We started in the agricultural, fishing and livestock industries for the sale of machinery and heavy equipment. So build a business by marketing agricultural products via the Internet," said Siagian.

SiKumis has three platforms is marketplace, mobile commerce uses phone or text messaging to accommodate the technology level of its users, and financial technology (fintech).

"When we entered the agricultural world, we learned these farmers or fishermen are not like merchants at or Apparently, they need a lot of guidance. We become like social entrepreneurs because there is a social side in it," said Siagian.

Buyers who use SiKumis are generally entrepreneurs or companies that supply machines and heavy equipment to farmers. But, the farmers do not have the money, finally SiKumis also invites various finance companies to give credit.

"It's about people's food. We do not do it ourselves, but in partnership with government, public companies, private companies and so on," said Siagian.

FIF Group, a subsidiary of Astra International, funds Rp.720 billion to lend credits to farmers, fishermen, ranchers and small enterprises in the food sector through SiKumis. Various features are embedded into the platform to accommodate the vision.

Online auction market features brings together a farmer who wants to harvest and sell their products with buyers from various regions, while the feature for the company is a restaurant looking to find agricultural products.

"So, SiKumis's presence is as a direct liaison without passing through many middleman barriers," Siagian said.

Startup also accompanies farmers from upstream to downstream, including providing fertilizers, tools and machinery directly from the factory. If farmers struggle with money in payments, Si Kumiri will help through finance companies such as FIF Group or peer to peer lending.

The platform provides seven commodities in 17 major categories: agriculture, livestock, plantation and forestry, fisheries and marine, environment and parks, books, training and software, and processed foods and beverages. The biggest contribution is still from agricultural tools.

"What we need now is to synergize with investors or anyone. Indonesia is rich in resources, but potentials have not been well utilized," said Fransisca.


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