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Sky Drive Cartivator performs first flight test

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Tinuku ~ A Japanese startup Cartivator Resource Management conducted the first test flight of the flying car prototype Sky Drive in Aichi Prefecture. The company, powered by Toyota Motor Corp., has developed a test model for a small car with a driver to light an Olympic torch in Tokyo by 2020.

Tinuku Sky Drive Cartivator performs first flight test

Cartivator Resource Management conducted the first fly test of the Sky Drive flying car project for a few seconds. The design uses an aluminum frame and eight propellers are virtually detached from the ground and are damaged after a few seconds in the air.

The plane managed to ride for a few seconds before tilting and falling to the ground. A ball attached to the bottom serves as a pillow. The test should be canceled after one device is detached from the frame and ruptures that damages the rotor.

Chief Cartivator Tsubasa Nakamura said the project aims to provide a seamless transition from driving to aviation as a future mode of transportation. A private vehicle can fly and go to many places that combine cars and flights at once. Sky Drive Cartivator performs first flight test

Toyota has invested 42.5 million yen (US$386,000) in Cartivator Resource Management to work on Sky Drive. The Cartivator team uses money from Toyota and plans to release its first manned flight in 2019.

The gadget-based and sensor-controlled flying car has the same size as a city car and battery-powered. Sky Drive is expected to reach speeds of 100 kilometers per hour when flying at a height of 10 meters above ground level.


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