SoftBank bought Alphabet's Boston Dynamics and Schaft

Tinuku ~ SoftBank Group acquired two companies of Alphabet Inc.'s Boston Dynamics and Schaft robots. SoftBank is increasingly demonstrating the strength to expand its portfolio. Companies want more than just telecommunication companies because now again they show the seriousness in the robotics industry and artificial intelligence.

Tinuku SoftBank bought Alphabet's Boston Dynamics and Schaft

On Friday 9 June SoftBank said it would buy two companies owned by Google's parent company Alphabet Inc. Two robotics companies are Boston Dynamics based in Massachusetts and Schaft based in Tokyo. Both build robots simulate human movement.

SoftBank does not say how much money they spend to buy the two robot companies. Boston Dynamics is headquartered in Massachusetts founded by Marc Raibert in December 2013.

"The intelligent robot will be a key driver of the information revolution and Marc Raibert and his team at Boston Dynamics are clear technology leaders in the development of dynamic and sophisticated robots," said Masayoshi Son, Chairman of SoftBank Group.

Boston Dynamics has produced a number of robots mimicking human and animal movements. Humanoid robot named Atlas can move to keep the balance with the feet and hands, lifting weights then put it elsewhere. Others are robotlike dogs and robots with wheel legs that can jump.

But Boston Dynamics has been on the portfolio list a year ago for sale by Alphabet. Toyota reportedly had an interest in buying Boston Dynamics, but it seems never happened.

SoftBank are also in intensive talks with the Indian government for 2030 vision. They manages the world's largest equity fund of US$93 billion. Funds obtained from Vision Fund are groups of companies that collect capital to be managed again by SoftBank.

The big companies that participate for softbank are Apple, Qualcomm, Foxconn and others. SoftBank has now started action in investing, ranging from startup level to established company.