SpaceX has flown recycled cargo ship as first history

Tinuku ~ The first used cargo capsule has slid into space. SpaceX has launched its first recycling cargo plane to the International Space Station. The launching process on Saturday in Cape Canevaral, Florida, USA works well. The Falcon rocket was flying alongside a Dragon capsule carrying a cargo load.

Tinuku SpaceX has flown recycled cargo ship as first history

Dragon was once used by the same mission three years ago. After passing the first stage, Falcon managed to land back on Cape Canevaral. Shortly afterwards, Dragon flew safely in orbit. This program is part of the SpaceX plan to save costs by using used materials and equipment for space.

The flight was made after a two-day delay caused by a lightning storm, an unmanned Falcon rocket carrying the Dragon capsule that once sent the station almost three years ago.

As the renewed Dragon arrives in an orbiting laboratory on Monday, it will be the first time the vehicle returns because of the now retired NASA space shuttle. The first stage drivers that were flown on Saturday afternoon were brand new and returned to Cape Canaveral after takeoff to gain a successful vertical touch.

The space vehicles are not thrown into the sea as many other rocket makers do. Just two months ago, SpaceX launched the first recycling drive for satellite missions. Other flights will also take advantage of rockets used later this month.

SpaceX has been transporting logistics to the station for NASA for five years. This is the company's 11th mission under the NASA contract. The next step is to deliver astronauts using the modified Dragon early next year.