Standard Chartered credit cards increasing in collaboration with e-commerce

Tinuku ~ Credit card transactions by Standard Chartered Bank (Stancart) Indonesia increased significantly by collaborating with e-commerce. Stancart Indonesia also predicts consumption growth will increase this year projected to increase spending by credit card.

Tinuku Standard Chartered credit cards increasing in collaboration with e-commerce

Standard Chartered Bank (Stancart) Indonesia has an increasing number of users and credit card transactions by collaborating with e-commerce. A partnership strategy with an online store site is claimed to improve the bank's performance.

Country Head Retail Banking Stancart Indonesia, Lanny Hendra, said the growth of credit card users is predicted to grow up to nine percent this year. Even this projection can approach double digits.

"We have cooperated with e-commerce such as Blibli and Traveloka," said Hendra at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

Hendra said the growth of Stancart credit card transactions has been seen since last year with a focus on collaborating with e-commerce sites to increase customer base and transactions.

"We offer cashback and discounts on every credit card transaction, certainly to be attractive to customers," said Hendra.

Hendra calculates credit card transactions for online shopping and travel has gone up three to four times than before partnering with e-commerce.

Stancart Indonesia is currently building collaboration with some other e-commerce, but Hendra does not want to reveal the names of e-commerce and target the number of credit card users with this strategy.

"Our focus is more on e-commerce," Hendra said.