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Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen launches Stratolaunch plane

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Tinuku ~ Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen launches Stratolaunch plane from hangar in the California desert, Wednesday, June 1, 2017. The world's largest aircraft built by Stratolaunch Systems as a subsidiary of Vulcan Aerospace is a very wide wing jet aircraft to carry two cabins together.

Tinuku Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen launches Stratolaunch plane

The plane is very impressive with a wingspan of 385 feet or longer than a football field, 50 feet tall and empty weight of 500,000 pounds. The giant plane carries 250,000 pounds of fuel and and a total weight of 1.3 million pounds.

Six 747 jet engines and have 28 wheels must use special construction just for building. Stratolaunch has partnered with ATK Orbital for satellite launches. The rockets will be tethered to a giant plane's belly at an altitude of 35,000 feet or more. The rocket will go down and "air launch" into space.

"With airport-operated and fast-spinning capabilities, air launch is a cheaper and more efficient way to bring satellites into space than vertically-launched rockets," Stratolaunch Systems said.

The Stratolaunch method can reduce the cost of launching small satellites into space and generate new ways to channel the internet around the world, provide better Earth sensing capabilities, better communications, and unlock innovations.

"As access to space is increasingly routine, innovation will increase in ways beyond what we can imagine today," said Allen.

"It's a new platform, easy to come by, convenient and affordable, enabling visionaries and other entrepreneurs to realize more new concepts," Allen said. Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen launches Stratolaunch plane

Allen has long hoped and sparked a revolution in space travel while funding Space Ship One as the first commercial vehicle to cross the space threshold. The project won the Ansari X Prize and awarded US$10 million.

"Actively exploring the broad spectrum of launch vehicles that will enable us to provide more flexibility to our customers," said Stratolauch CEO Jean Floyd. Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen launches Stratolaunch plane

"Over the next few weeks and months, we will actively conduct ground and flightline testing at the Mojave Air and Space Port," Floyd said.

"This is the first aircraft, so we will continue to prioritize the security of our pilots, crew and staff. Stratolaunch is on track to launch its first launch in early 2019," Floyd said.


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