Tata Magic Iris CNG postponed to Indonesia

Tinuku ~ Tata Motors postponed the sale of compressed natural gas (CNG) cars in Indonesia. Tata Motors Distributor Indonesia (TMDI) which has introduced CNG-compact cars at the 2015 Gaikindo International Auto Show (GIIAS) exhibition has decided to postpone sales considering the infrastructure is not yet widely available.

Tinuku Tata Magic Iris CNG postponed to Indonesia

President Director of TMDI Biswadev Sengupta said the plan for the launching of eco-friendly car models has been postponed in Indonesia. Tata Motors sees infrastructure or CNG charging stations not yet widely available in Indonesia.

"We are aware that the construction of CNG infrastructure takes time and we delay the production of CNG Iris Magic. The only stations in Jakarta, are not yet available more widely across the country and we have not yet produced these models, "Sengupta said, Monday, June 12, 2017.

Sengupta said in the future Indonesia is likely to become market for Iris CNG. The Indonesian government began to intensify the environmentally friendly cars and the roadmap was passed in March.

Indonesia will build gradually Gas Fuel Filling Station at 632 point locations with total of 282 MSCFD (Million Standard Cubic Feet per Day) in 15 up to 202 cities and increase to 2,888 point locations by 2050.

"In India, Tata Motors has special plant for CNG vehicles, so it is not installed separately from the manufacturer or converter. I am sure, when the government builds CNG infrastructure throughout Indonesia, not only Tata, but other brands will also bring CNG vehicle technology," said Sengupta.