Indonesia tax-free international shipping for US$100

Tinuku ~ The Indonesian government does not collect import duties taxes on goods for US$100. The country does various ways to drive the growth of online business and e-commerce trading, the new rules of customs duty taxes are also based on the price of the merchandise, so it is not based on the weight of the goods.

Tinuku Indonesia tax-free international shipping for US$100

The Government of Indonesia continues to make efforts to encourage the growth and smoothness of e-commerce trading.

The implementation of the new regulations is also in line with international best practice in accordance with World Customs Organization Procedures on Consignment Goods.

The regulation establishes a tax service based on value, not by weight. Implementation of the latest Regulation of the Minister of Finance regulating the import of shipment has been implemented since January 2017.

"To align this we are also raising the tax-free limit on imported goods where previously US$50 to US$100," said Oza Olavia, Director of Customs Technical Affairs, Directorate General of Customs of Indonesia, Friday, June 9, 2017.

Online business has been fully supported by the Government of Indonesia with the latest regulation regarding the importation of shipment.

Various regulatory refreshes have been made to encourage the growth of online commerce. To this day Indonesia is one of the fastest growing e-commerce countries in the world.

The new regulations are also expected to create fair business competition, create new entrepreneurs and foster broader economic growth of the country.