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Taylor Swift earns $400,000 on Spotify in two weeks

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Tinuku ~ Taylor Swift earns US$400,000 from Spotify within two weeks. Finally, songs from popular pop singer Taylor Swift have been re-enjoyed on the Spotify platform and people are also wondering how much money is generated by the most famous singers of the years from this streaming music service.

Tinuku Taylor Swift earns $400,000 on Spotify in two weeks

Consequence of Sound reports Swift's music catalog outweighs Katy Perry's latest album. Both of them lately are being hostile.

Swift has seven songs in the top 200 tracks, some of which are 'Wildest Dreams' at 115th, 'Style' in 118th place and 'Bad Blood' in 127. While the other two songs are ranked 100th is 'Blank Space' at number 82 and 'Shake It Off' in position 90. Taylor Swift earns $400,000 on Spotify in two weeks

Perry's 'Swish Swish' was only 55th. Three songs from her new album, 'Witness', topped the top 200 were 'Pendulum', 'Chained to the Rhythm' and 'Bon Appetit'.

Swift is rumored to have grossed nearly US$400,000 within two weeks of reassembling his songs to Spotify. Billboard claimed, the singer of 'Love Story' this has generated US$285,000 from streaming services and US$59,000 for royalties.


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