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Tesla began change SolarCity with Tesla Solar brand

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Tinuku ~ Tesla began displaying the new 'Tesla Solar' branded solar panel in the store to replace the acquired SolarCity name. While Tesla Inc. is preparing for new precarious solar roof tile technologies, the company continues to install regular solar panels under SolarCity which are currently transitioning into the Tesla Solar brand.

Tinuku Tesla began change SolarCity with Tesla Solar brand

The new panel is part of Tesla deal with Panasonic at the Gigafactory 2 complex in Buffalo. Panasonic manufactures Tesla Solar at the Tesla plant for exclusive use of Tesla. They do not plan to provide it to third parties.

Previously SolarCity and most solar cell contractors use solar panels from several different suppliers for residential and commercial projects. But Tesla changed the traditional pattern by building from start to installation. Tesla began change SolarCity with Tesla Solar brand

The transformation is part of Elon Musk's plan to offer solar products with better aesthetics by creating distinctive brands that can be distinguished from other installers by product. Tesla wants the most fundamental part in achieving different product strategies.

Last month Tesla said he has conducted a pilot program of SolarCity services in his shop. Now the store is also starting to get the 'Tesla Solar' panel where the company stops the SolarCity brand, while the solar roof tile design will appear in stores by 2018.


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