Online lending UangTeman approve loan only 15 minutes

Tinuku ~ Fintech lending UangTeman validate loan application only 15 minutes. Online-based financial company Digital Alpha Indonesia or is ready to shorten the disbursement of borrowing money into borrower's account from two business days to just 5 minutes, simple terms, without grace and no any administrative fees.

Tinuku Online lending UangTeman approve loan only 15 minutes

UangTeman's Chief Technology & Product Officer, Darmawan Zaini, said the requirements to be met by prospective borrowers are also very simple. All done on the website anytime.

"Visit the website or download the mobile app to smartphone. Please select the loan amount up to Rp3 million (US$226) for the first loan with a duration of 10 days to 30 days," said Zaini.

"If the first loan is paid off without any late payment, users can apply again with larger loan amounts," Zaini said.

Prospective borrowers who apply for loans in UangTeman just send ID cards, salary slips for employers or business certificates for entrepreneurs, and self-portraits.

"The document is uploaded when the loan application submits on the site, then wait a moment. When the submission is approved, our verification team will contact," Zaini said.

"We send some money as stated in the application to the borrower's bank account without any administrative fees," Zaini said.

UangTeman targets to lend money to borrowers up to Rp100 billion (US$7.5 million) by 2017. To achieve the target, the company continues to expand to a number of regions throughout Indonesia.

Zaini said the company is optimistic that the process of testing applications are very fast, without grace, and ease of access will encourage online money loans to the community will meet the target.