Uber Launches UberTrip on Lombok Island

Tinuku ~ Uber Indonesia starting to develop business in beautiful islands. The company's technology provider of online transport platform officially launched the service on Lombok island, West Nusa Tenggara, Tuesday, June 15. Head of Communication Uber Indonesia Dian Safitri said tourism industry needs support of cheap and quality transportation.

Tinuku Uber Launches UberTrip on Lombok Island

"Here is the 30th city and the 7th island of Uber Indonesia operating before closing the first half of 2017. Currently Uber on Lombok island provides UberX and UberTrip services," Safitri said.

UberX is a travel service for a maximum of four passengers point to point, while UberTrip is a service allows passengers to use Uber for at least three hours or more with multiple stops unaffected by mileage costs.

Lombok Island is the second location for the launch of UberTrip service after Bali. Safitri said the two islands have special characteristics because the tourism sector is fast growing and has unexploited market potential.

Uber claims to have approached and communicated with the local government in order to socialize and introduce services in Mataram City. The local government of West Nusa Tenggara responded well to the presence of the Lombok island.

"We have a good friendship with local government officials and we have communicated our presence here, and we are also glad to have support from the government as stakeholders," Safitri said.

On the island of Lombok, Uber partnered with the Koperasi Trans Usaha Bersama where the company already has a business license for transportation services. Uber also hopes to partner with travel owners to join the Uber system.

Uber Indonesia Head of Public Policy and Government Affairs John Colombo said until the end of 2017 Uber will focus on education and socialization services to the public on Lombok island to recruit more driver partners and minimize waiting time passengers.

"We will focus on education and minimize waiting time for passengers, because we hope to be part of the transportation ecosystem and develop tourism here," Colombo said.