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Viar Q1 electric motorcycle officially sold

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Tinuku ~ Viar Q1 electric motorcycle has been officially sold. Since it was published a few weeks ago, the official Viar Q1 scooter introduced in Indonesia brings the best technology. Triangle Motorindo based in Semarang city is sure to meet the needs of consumers who want to motorcycles with smart, low cost and environmentally friendly.

Tinuku Viar Q1 electric motorcycle officially sold Viar Q1 electric motorcycle officially sold

Viar Q1 electric scooter priced at Rp16.2 million (US$1221) and financing schemes in collaboration with Adira Finance. Consumers who make purchases this month get other accessories are helmets and jackets.

"This electric motorcycle contributes to reducing pollution, we take to start introducing electric motorcycles to help solve world problems," said Triangle Motorindo President Director Ignatius Kartiman in Jakarta on Tuesday, June 6, 2017.

"We are introducing this electric motor, we are no longer dependent on fossil fuels and Viar Q1 is also an innovation and contribution form, I say innovation," said Kartiman. Viar Q1 electric motorcycle officially sold

Tinuku Viar Q1 electric motorcycle officially sold

Kartiman said the Viar Q1 maintenance is very easy. Electric motorcycles do not have machines that require lubrication every month. The futuristic design with a full digital Speedometer and weight of 78.5 kilograms is also efficient and practical for everyday use.

This motorcycle has an 800 watt electric engine by Bosch and 2 Kwh battery using lithium-ion maintenance free (60V20AH) reaches 70 kilometers in a single charge. Viar Q1 uses 220 volt input charger for 50 Hz power.


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