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Virgin Galactic tested VSS Unity on gravity shift weight

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Tinuku ~ Virgin Galactic successfully tested the VSS Unity space flight in the Southern California desert. The flight slid on Thursday 1 June carrying a special water ballast tank in the back to test the quality of handling with more weight where the center of gravity shifts backwards.

Tinuku Virgin Galactic tested VSS Unity on gravity shift weight

Virgin Galactic conducted a flight test to measure the ability of spacecraft when gravity load shifted. Water is then removed by pilot Dave Mackay and CJ Sturckow to check for stability as the center of gravity moves forward.

The released water forms a path in the Mojave Desert sky, then the plane lands safely and safely in Mojave Air & Space Port. VSS Unity has twin tail wings spinning upwards at a relative angle to the fuselage and creating drag, allowing the spacecraft to glide into a normal landing.

The flight stability test is a series done a month earlier that tested the load-reduction mechanism when it reentered the atmosphere during suborbital flight into space. Virgin Galactic tested VSS Unity on gravity shift weight

Virgin Galactic says the flight is a milestone for the glide test phase. Data from the flight will be analyzed to prepare flights with fuel in the tank and then flights using the rocket.

Richard Richard's Virgin Group and Aabar Investments are planning to take passengers on a cruise to the suborbital where they can experience a low-gravity atmosphere and see the curvature of the earth. VSS Unity is the second version of the Virgin Galactic spacecraft.


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