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Yandex Taxi develops autonomous cars

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Tinuku ~ Russian technology company to build autonomous car. Russia's Yandex Taxi has just exhibited an autonomous car prototype developed as a taxi for an application-based transport service platform. This prototype is expected to help Yandex to test its software.

Tinuku Yandex Taxi develops autonomous cars

Internet search engine service company established in 2000 is building autonomous cars. Yandex (NASDAQ: YNDX) said it was in the right position to enter the automotive car industry which is now the concern of many companies.

They claim to have expertise in navigation, geolocation, computer vision as well as machine learning that has been applied in their various products and services such as Yandex Navigator and Yandex Maps.

"We use the anonymous data we get from Yandex Navigator users who are able to understand how to drive," said Yandex Taxi Chief Vladimir Isaev.

"Various problems in cities such as congestion, accidents, speed limits, road closures to other events," said Yandex Taxi head Vladimir Isaev.

"We have been using computer vision technology in some of our services for some time, we use it to find empty parking lots or read road signs in our geolocation service," Isaev said.

Yandex says the skills in computer vision are built by matching images to search results and also translating the text in a photo used in their services.

The Russian company said the software development they are doing and their efforts to use the software in the automotive field. Yandex can make its own autonomous car prototype.


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