China prepares AI development roadmap towards 2030

Tinuku ~ Chinese government is drafting an artificial intelligence (AI) development plan until 2030. China's Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang says they have compiled a national roadmap to guide the development of AI whereby technology companies pour resources to compete in race to dominate the market.

Tinuku China prepares AI development roadmap towards 2030

The top technology official said on Thursday the drafting of regulation for AI development would soon be released to the public. Policies to address issues in four key areas are the development of AI capabilities, technology implementation, social impact handling and international collaboration.

Wan Gang in the opening speech of the World Intelligence Congress said the central government will set aside special fund for research on AI core technology. The blueprint also contains China's plan to gather talented AI people quickly and encourage foreign companies to set up AI technology research and development centers in China.

Today China is booming the influx of investment and AI activities. Big companies and startups want to get AI technology for wide range of applications from biographies to autonomous vehicles. Analysts say China has great chance to overtake the United States as a world leader in technology.

China has advantages in data, markets and talents. Internet giants are Baidu, Tencent Holding and Alibaba Group have been trying hard to recruit the best talents from Silicon Valley that most Chinese scientists study and work in the US.

This week Alibaba announced the appointment of Ren Xiaofeng, a former senior scientist at, to lead the AI data and technology lab. PwC reports China has the world's largest economy for AI by 2030 with an estimated increase of 26 percent of GDP.

AI technology is projected to increase global GDP by 14 percent by 2030 or equivalent to an additional US$15.7 trillion by increasing labor productivity and spurring world consumption.