AliHealth's Doctor You launched diagnostic service using AI

Tinuku ~ Alibaba Health launched disease diagnosis using artificial intelligence technology (AI) to reduce the workload of doctors in mainland China as a country has long suffered shortage of doctors. AliHealth's Doctor You uses AI to diagnose medical images of CT scans and identify inflammatory cells in human organs as an early indicator of cancer.

Tinuku AliHealth's Doctor You launched diagnostic service using AI

AliHealth launches AI technology to serve the diagnosis of disease by lowering the error rate and improving efficiency. Technology giant headquartered in Hangzhou, Alibaba Group, provides solutions to improve health practice efficiency using AI technology in Doctor You service.

"Immediately applied as doctor's assistant at a number of hospitals in the country. We hope AI in the coming decade will be able to take over half the workload of doctors in China," said Ke Yan, Alibaba Health's vice president.

China is the most populous country in the world and has long been short of medical practitioners. The World Health Organization says in that country only 1.5 doctors are available for every 1,000 people, whereas in the United States it has a ratio of 2.4 and the UK has 2.8.

A leading hospital in China should handle an average of 40,000 medical images of CT scans every day. The low level of availability of doctors causes poor working conditions for physicians who are constantly working overtime to process large amounts of patient data resulting in a very high error rate.

Alibaba Health said Doctor You program in a 30-minute trial has an accuracy of more than 90 percent to detect pulmonary sarcoidosis as an important sign of early cancer. This compares to the performance of four physicians within three hours to process patient data of the same amount.

AI has potential to improve medical performance by 30 to 40 percent and reduce costs by 50 percent. Implementation of AI technology is also increasingly important as the government has been spending billions of dollars to improve quality and quantity of health services in rapidly aging population.

Today, healthcare innovation has become a race of other technology giants like Tencent, Baidu, Google and IBM. Baidu launches AI-tech chatbot to communicate with patients and provide diagnosis advice to doctors.

The Shenzhen-based start-up iCarbonX last year raised US$1 billion of funding led by Tencent to develop a genomic, physiological and behavioral data analysis algorithm to offer specific medical advice to consumers through an application.

Artefact studio designed an autonomous vehicle pod called Aim to visit patients at any time of call. This car device is equipped with AI technology and augmented reality (AR) to diagnose the disease and also prescribe. Inspection results are sent directly to the patient's smartphone.