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Amazon India gets fresh Rs1,680 Crores to compete Flipkart

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Tinuku ~ Amazon invested a new capital of Rs1,680 Crores more to strengthen its feet in the Indian market. The global retail giant, Inc., has invested an additional Rs1,680 crores in its Indian branch to strengthen the booming e-commerce operations of the country and provide more power in fierce battles with local rival Flipkart.

Tinuku Amazon India gets fresh Rs1,680 Crores to compete Flipkart

"We are committed to Indian business with a long-term perspective to make e-commerce a habit for Indian customers and invest in the infrastructure needed to grow the entire ecosystem," said a spokesman for Amazon India in a statement

In June last year, the Seattle-based firm and founded by Jeff Bezos said it would invest an additional $ 3 billion in India and boost its previously stated US$2 billion investment.

Amazon India is estimated to have received more than US$2 billion in funds that has just completed four years of operation. They say will continue to invest to build solutions in improving the experience of consumers and sellers in the country.

Major competitors in the local Indian market are Bangalore-based Flipkart founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007. Flipkart is supported by Tiger Global which has raised US$1.4 billion earlier this year and the competition will be even more fierce.

Each of them had prepared the battle for the festive season. This fresh investment from Amazon is geared towards building warehouses, strengthening logistics and improving products. In addition, significant money is invested in marketing and promotions by e-commerce actors.


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