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Amazon open war to GMarket and 11st in South Korea

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Tinuku ~ Amazon preparing to compete in South Korea's online retail market. The e-commerce and cloud computing company headquartered in Seattle this week is organizing 48 positions in the structure in South Korea. The expansion online retail industry business using the Korean language has been done in the vendor recruitment stage at Seoul office.

Tinuku Amazon open war to GMarket and 11st in South Korea

Amazon's latest strategic move to expand its foothold in South Korea as a retail service provider. Amazon as a global retail giant, but so far in South Korea has focused on computing technology infrastructure business as the main source of revenue.

The company entered Korean market in 2012 by establishing cloud computing service using its Amazon Web Service (AWS) subsidiary. To this day they have clients in various industries including Samsung, Amore Pacific and Nexon.

AWS offers cloud computing platforms such as database storage and related IT resources. The retail company has grown rapidly in Japan and sales in 2016 rose 17.5 percent. But Amazon has not revealed specific strategy related to expansion for Korean retail industry.

Arrival in Korea brings open war with old players in the region is GMarket operated by eBay Korea Co Ltd and 11st sustained by SK Planet. The Amazon e-commerce platform using Korean language and sophisticated logistics provides powerful force for battle.

Amazon this year has also accelerated its expansion into offline sector as the world's retail and technology giant by acquiring Whole Foods Market for US$13.7 billion in an effort to strengthen food sales at physical stores.


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