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Angon presents cattle and goat farms via smartphone

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Tinuku ~ presents application of cattle and goat farms via smartphone. Startup fintech established in October 2016, PT Angon Indonesia, serves anyone who wants to raise cattle and goats without having to own a cage. Investors will have livestock farmed by experienced farmers scattered throughout Indonesia and can reap 5-10 per cent return on investment within three months.

Tinuku presents cattle and goat farms via smartphone

CEO of PT Angon Indonesia, Agif Arianto, said Angon facilitates people who want to invest in raising cows and goats to be managed by experienced ranchers who perform daily care in pens scattered throughout Indonesia.

"You remember the Tamagotchi game, a 90s generation game. The concept of Angon is no different: The members choose cow or goat seeds to be breeding, then buy them and pay maintenance fees for three months," Arianto said.

Arianto said investors will receive regular reports every two weeks on the condition of livestock, health, weight and profit value. Startup was established in October 2016 has 11,000 farmed livestock breeding center in Angon partner farms and 6 own breeders spread in Indonesia. presents cattle and goat farms via smartphone

The app offers three types of investments are Cage Investors, Farmers and Members. If registering as a Cage Investor, it means the user is working with a breeder to build a cow or goat business by providing capital in form of cages and farmland.

"For Farmers members or investors are people who buy livestock to increase the weight so as to increase the selling price, there is also a member who is called as Business Partner is a party that needs Angon cattle and goat," said Arianto.

Cattle and goats come from healthy livestock seedlings and are cared for by experienced breeders. Angon said the business risk is small and investment value will increase if the number of livestock increases. Angon is also collaborating with Telkom's TMoney as a payment solution to facilitate investors to transact.


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