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Facebook's Aquila solar-powered internet drone completed second flight

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Tinuku ~ Facebook successfully tested the second flying drone internet. Facebook Inc. has tested a solar-powered drone aircraft, Aquila, built over the past 2 years. Drone served to provide the internet with its first flight in June last year, but failed to make the landing after a 96-minute flight in Yuma, Arizona, USA.

Tinuku Facebook's Aquila solar-powered internet drone completed second flight

The accident prompted an investigation and declared Aquila to fall due to windy conditions. The second flight of drones performed on May 22 has a duration of 1 hour 46 minutes and landed safely.

Facebook says they have improved Aquila based on the experience of the first flight. The Aquila team then added some spoileron to improve aerodynamics, optimizing battery size and solar panels.

"We are flying through test points at speed, altitude and steady direction to know the pull of the plane," Facebook said in a post. Facebook's Aquila solar-powered internet drone completed second flight

The latest version of Aguila also has hundreds of new sensors to collect data and features a modified autopilot software, new radio, and horizontal propeller to help the aircraft stop on landing.

Facebook says the aircraft takeoff process runs smoothly and heads to heights twice as fast as the first test. The second flight in Yuma also aims to collect data.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg first conceptualized Aquila in 2014 as a way to provide easy internet access. The solar-powered drones are designed to fly high and connect areas in the world that traditionally do not yet have internet access.


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