Indonesia launched to check bank accounts of criminals

Tinuku ~ Online transactions in Indonesia will be safer using site. The Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemkominfo) has just launched a website to prevent fraud cases involving money transactions through bank accounts. The site collects a database of suspected criminal accounts as public data to prevent the same crime.

Tinuku Indonesia launched to check bank accounts of criminals

The Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Informatics launched to check whether a bank account has a history of legal issues. Users can check whether a bank account is linked to a criminal offense, such as fraud, false investment, drug trafficking, terrorism, and other crimes.

The source of the collection of account data comes from public complaints, law enforcement officers, banks and e-Commerce companies. The government is mobilizing an active role of the community to enrich data and prevent more casualties.

This site is very helpful to buyers who are doing online transactions and choose money transfers as a method of payment. The buyer can check first whether the account is legal file or not. Users can check for certainty about the account before transferring money.

This site is open and people who have been victims of fraud or similar cases may report the bank account of the criminal. Thus, criminal bank account data can be accessed by more people and prevent them from becoming the next victim.

Reporting methods can be done online and offline. For online reporting through the app or official website, while offline reporting is done by coming directly to the call center and carrying copies of alleged evidence of a criminal offense.

The bank account owner can also file a normalization so that the account is not included in the criminal bank account database. To do so, the account owner needs to prepare a number of normalization filing requirements. can be used since May 2017 and Kemkominfo will continue to develop through cooperation with Indonesian E-Commerce Association (idEA) and all banks operating in Indonesia.