Daimler called for legal certainty on autonomous cars

Mercedes-Benz is able to roll out autonomous cars within the next 5 years. Daimler AG says it has successfully introduced not only the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), but also the technological readiness to be adopted as a mass production of autonomous cars for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan within the next five years.

Tinuku Daimler called for legal certainty on autonomous cars

The Stuttgart-based auto giant Daimler AG said its ability to mass-produce fully self-drive cars within five years. But a company official said the lack of autonomous car-related traffic laws had blocked the development of vehicles.

"I believe the technology is already there, Mercedes-Benz technology is remarkable, especially the RADAR sensor system is more precise and accurate than its competitors," said Mercedes-Benz S-Class Quality Development manager Dominik Voogdt in a statement in Zurich, Switzerland.

RADAR is a system using radio waves to identify the size and position of objects. This system began to be widely used for cars along with LiDAR to develop autonomous drive technology. LiDAR is a system using lasers to calculate surfaces accurately and more selectively than RADAR.

"It is regrettable that traffic laws related to such technologies do not exist yet. The automaker has presented the technology, but the authorities also have to work on a legal framework to get a driverless vehicle on the streets," Voogdt said.

The E-Class sedan in May last year introduced an autopilot system, including Auto Parking that signaled future mobility. A Mercedes-Benz design official said the company is now focused on safety levels.