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Alphabet's Dandelion develops earth-based temperature system

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Tinuku ~ Alphabet's Dandelion develops an earth-based heating and cooling system. Google's parent company, Alphabet, has a new subsidiary called Dandelion part of the Moonshot Factory, an Alphabet division focuses on developing ambitious programs such as Project Loon. Dandelion build the technology of room temperature management using air movement and transported from the depths of earth in user's home.

Tinuku Alphabet's Dandelion develops earth-based temperature system

Dandelion officially established as a company on 6 July and they focus on cooling and heating using geothermal for home users. This startup has mission to build cooling, heater and home water heater with geothermal systems collected resources from home yards.

The system uses pump and underground pipes to move heat from the earth to the user's home. This pipe drops about 300-500 feet underground and the pump on surface will move water through a U-shaped piping. The heat pump will then replace the hot air into cold air and vice versa as needed. Alphabet's Dandelion develops earth-based temperature system

In winter, the water in the pipe will absorb heat from the Earth. The heat pump will then turn the warm air into the house. In summer, the pump will draw hot air from inside the house to funneled into the soil and switch to cooler air.

"With zero percent interest, low monthly and predictable payouts, you save on cooling and heating costs from day one," Dandelion said.

"In addition, you will also help save the earth, considering geothermal energy is renewable energy and three times more efficient than existing cooling and heating systems," Dandelion said.

Dandelion says their system is noiseless, clean and includes a smart thermostat. Currently, the new Dandelion is available in New York. Most likely, they will expand the reach of these business services as soon as possible.


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