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DoNotPay, robot lawyer in increasingly complex legal cases

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Tinuku ~ The first time in the world of legal counseling using a lawyer robot named DoNotPay. A chatbot platform providing legal consulting services using artificial intelligence technology was launched several year. Chatbot was developed by British entrepreneur Joshua Browder as "the world's first robot lawyer" to democratize legal aid.

Tinuku DoNotPay, robot lawyer in increasingly complex legal cases

Browder claims this lawyer robot has won 375,000 parking ticket cases in the past two years. This Stanford University student said robot lawyers are potentially subject to legal impact by the government. However, Browder says it does not matter and will remain competitive with human lawyers.

"Law is an industry worth over $200 billion and I am eager to get people out of the law," Browder said.

Browder also said some big law firms would be unhappy with the presence of this lawyer robot. But the public sees the lawyer's robot platform is believed to save time and money so it will help people who are in legal action.

"Anyone can win. I think the government has spent a lot of money hiring people to read parking appeals, DoNotPay sends it in a clear and readable format," Browder said.

DoNotPay uses bot-builder automation and then recruits part-time volunteers to help resolve legal aspects of the robot's proclamation. Chatbot is also capable of detecting user locations to show relevant local laws.

Users only need to type questions on the chatbot. When chatbot is able to direct users to the right issues, the platform will create a printable and signed appeal letter. Today, Browder has installed 1,000 new bots to help people fill out transactional legal forms in all 50 U.S. states and the United Kingdom.

Plan ahead, Browder will build more complicated legal processes such as marriage, divorce and bankruptcy. IBM has offered Watson's free technology to DoNotPay, allowing users to express their legal questions in natural language.


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