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Einride unveiled T-Pod autonomous electric-powered truck

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Tinuku ~ Sweden's startup technology, Einride, has unveiled full-scale T-Pod prototype as an electrically powered autonomous truck. The vehicle is designed to replace heavy-duty trucks, operated using remote control and 200 kWh energy capacity with range 124 miles on a single charge. The futuristic pod-shaped truck uses mapping system and has no cabin for the crew.

Tinuku Einride unveiled T-Pod as autonomous electric-powered truck

Einride builds unique T-Pod designed to serve cargo transport and operated without drivers. The crew is driving futuristic truck from distance which means the truck does not require a traditional cabin and has special to carry goods efficiently.

The company plans the first operational 200 fleets on the Gothenburg and Helsingborg route to be equipped with filling station in Sweden by 2020. The T-Pod network will move up to 2,000,000 pallets of payload per year and will remove CO2 emissions equal to 400,000 similar vehicles.

"Einride changed the existing transportation network. We change by creating secure, cost-effective solutions and dramatically minimizing the negative impacts of the transportation industry," the company said in a statement.

Each pod has height 23 feet (7 meters) and covers distance of 124 miles with single charge. Design removes many unnecessary features such as windows and seating, thus presenting simple box shape. Electric trucks have marked global transition from heavy trucks, air pollutants, noisy and poor working conditions. Einride unveiled T-Pod as autonomous electric-powered truck

The Smart Transit Suite concept is a new tool kit for the city as step toward developing stronger business model. Einride has generated more than US$81.5 million in venture capital in four rounds. After five years of development, Einride felt confident to do the first test.

Einride is not the only company that builds trucks without drivers. Waymo, Uber and Daimler also developed similar vehicles, Yara and Kongsberg ships for logistics on a larger scale that navigates on their own, and unmanned aircraft are also under development.

Cargo capacity: 15 standard pallets
Weight with full cargo: 20 tons
Length: approximately 7 meters (23 feet)
Battery capacity: 200 kWh energy
Distance on one charge: 200km (124 miles)


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