GAC Motor launches all-electric GE3 SUV for $22,500

Tinuku ~ GAC Motor launches an all-electric GE3 car at price of 150,200 to 173,200 yuan or about US$22,500. The Chinese car maker officially launched its first crossover at the 2017 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in January and has officially sold GE3 in its own domestic market as an intermediate electric SUV that symbolizes green lifestyle in future mobility.

Tinuku GAC Motor launches all-electric GE3 SUV for $22,500

GAC Group through a subsidiary headquartered in Guangzhou, GAC Motor, officially launches electric cars in their own country. The all-electric GE3 car will challenge other Chinese electric car manufacturers is BYD Co Ltd and manufacturers from the United States Tesla Model 3 in the Chinese market that has increasingly strong competition.

"Since GAC Motor launched its first hybrid vehicle in 2012, our company has mastered five core technologies in batteries, motors, control units, electro-mechanical coupling systems and system integration," said GAC Motor President Yu Jun.

"The development of new energy vehicles is GAC Motor's main strategy. GE3 is the beginning and we look forward to delivering future products while ensuring a unique driving and driving experience," said Jun.

GAC Motor says sustainable development strategy for designing environmentally friendly vehicles that can be trusted, superior in design, high performance and reliability. The company is ambitious to be the leader and benchmark of reference in the future vehicle industry in China.

The company has set a sales volume target of 1 million units by 2020 and 20 percent of them are electric cars. Jun said the company has implemented environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies in the production of motor vehicles using only the best quality materials.

GAC Motor also said the company has made plans to open smart industrial electric car area by 2019 and set up a subsidiary of renewable energy to enter a remarkable new development stage.

"GAC Motor's strategic emphasis in the next five years includes launching sedans and electric SUVs that have 400-500 kilometers of mileage and battery charging times under 30 minutes," Yu said.

GAC Motor is a subsidiary of GAC Group that specialized in developing and producing vehicles, engines, components, and accessories. By 2016 the company has a growth rate of 96 percent or the highest among all Chinese brands in the same period.
  • A range of 310km (192.62 miles) with electric power only.
  • Ternary lithium battery fast charges to 80 percent in 30 minutes.
  • Acceleration from 0-100 km (0-60 miles) within 9.3 seconds, braking distance 12.8 meters (42 feet).
  • Peak power: 120 KW (163.2 Horsepower), peak torque at 290 Nm (214 ft-lb).
  • A flat battery layout that sets benchmark in terms of space, comfort, safety and performance.
  • General power consumption 16.6 kwh/100km (16.6 kwh/60 miles).
  • Featuring smart car companion Little Trumpchi, T-BOX Internet of Vehicles 3.0 and INJOY smart entertainment system.
  • An avant-garde low-poly technology modeling design with low polygon front and rear LED lamp assemblies.
  • The SUV body meets North American roof compression standards.