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Google, Press Association and Urbs Media build robot journalism

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Tinuku ~ Google and Press Association funded journalism project by computer or robot and synchronized the production of 30,000 news per month for local media in the UK. The local British press, Press Association (PA), received 622,000 pounds sterling for a scheme named Radar: reporter, data and robot. The news agency will work with a start up named Urbs Media.

Tinuku Google, Press Association and Urbs Media build robot journalism

The robot will help a national news agency to create up to 30,000 local news every month with the help of human journalists and is funded by a Google grant. The Press Association (PA) has won £621,000 grant to run a news service with computers that write local news stories.

PA says the Radar project will benefit "established media", independent publishers, and local bloggers. The project will be launched in 2018 and using human journalists. Five employees were assigned to use official open source data to automate reports on health, crime, work, and other subjects.

"Skilled human journalists will still be very important in the process, but Radar allows us to use artificial intelligence to increase the volume of local stories that can not be done manually," said Press Association editor Pete Clifton.

The news media requires a "cost-effective" way to generate local stories. PA and Google's strategic move is an exciting breakthrough, though local news consumers will be more interested in carefully curated news and analysis. Thus it will ensure the preservation of human journalists.

PA and Urbs Media create workflow plans to generate large story volumes for clients. This grant will also be used to create database tools for collecting and combining datasets and editorial intelligence that will guide the automation process.

Radar will automatically generate graphics, videos and images to add to the story. Money will also be used to improve the PA distribution platform to help local customers find and use the content.


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