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Google acquired Halli Labs, a Bengaluru-based AI and ML startup

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Tinuku ~ Google acquires Halli Labs, a startup artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) based in Bengaluru for undisclosed amounts of money. Google acquired a four-month-old startup as India's first strategic rare to build the US technology giant's business has a new base, especially in developing countries like India.

Tinuku Google acquired Halli Labs, a Bengaluru-based AI and ML startup

"We will be joining Google's Next Billion Users team to help get more technology and information into more people's hands around the world. We could not be more excited!" Halli Labs said in a statement.

"Halli Labs is applying modern ML techniques to old problems and domains to help technology march on in its timeless purpose that of giving superhuman powers to all of us humans in letting us do whatever we want to do better," said Halli Labs.

Halli Labs was founded by experienced Pankaj Gupta as a data scientist and previously had a startup in San Francisco. Gupta has also worked at Stayzilla and data teams on Twitter for nearly five years. Halli Labs was established to apply AI learning techniques and machine learning to problems and domains.

Google has aggressively developed AI capabilities, especially through acquisition strategies. Some investments include in-depth learning and DNNresearch neural network startup, UK-based DeepMind Technologies, Moodstock visual search, and bot platform.

"We are delighted that the Halli Labs team is joining Google and they will join our team that is focused on developing products designed for billions of future users online, especially in India," Google spokesman said.


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