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Honda and Hitachi collaborate build RC-E motorcycle sport

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Tinuku ~ Honda and Hitachi collaborate to build motor electric vehicles. Hitachi Automotive Systems and Honda Motor Co. announced a joint venture company to develop, manufacture and sell motorcycles at Hitachi Automotive Systems in Hitachinaka-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture. The two companies drew up a memorandum of understanding signed on February 3 and entered into a joint venture agreement on March 24 to realize.

Tinuku Honda and Hitachi collaborate build RC-E motorcycle sport

The new company will receive a financial grant from Ibaraki Prefecture for being recognized as a relevant project called "promoting the establishment of corporate headquarters functions" in the prefecture.

The establishment of a new company called Hitachi Automotive Electric Motor Systems is a strategic response to the increasing global demand on electric motor vehicles. They claim to be bringing competitive motorcycles by combining expertise by Honda and Hitachi.

Hitrachi holds a 51 percent stake in the new company, while the remaining 49 percent is owned by Honda. The two companies in July will invest 5 billion yen. Honda and Hitachi collaborate build RC-E motorcycle sport

Honda, which previously has electric motors and hybrid fuel cell vehicles, plans to market the EV in the global market starting next year. While Hitachi has long been supplying electric motors to other vehicle manufacturers including General Motors Co. in US and Nissan Motor Co. who developed the Leaf electric car.

A newspaper says they already have a motorcycle concept named RC-E. The sports design uses a fairing that has an aggressive look and more sturdy wheels with a variety of components such as upside down suspension on the front and mono shock in the rear.

The motorcycle concept uses Ohlins suspension, while the braking system from Brembo. Hitachi Automotive Electric Motor Systems will further build assembly plants in China and the United States, each of which will have the capability of producing and selling.


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