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Infarm builds agriculture using machine learning in grocery stores

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Tinuku ~ Infarm develops storefront cabinets as vertical farming using machine learning technology in grocery stores. Startups headquartered in Berlin to design lighted glass boxes and distribute fresh crops in urban stores. An agro-industry scheme with more food grown in smaller systems is appropriate and more efficient at the point of sale of the urban environment without having to haul from the fields.

Tinuku Infarm builds agriculture using machine learning in grocery stores

Infarm or Indoor Urban Farming GmbH, develops a vegetable business ecosystem in a smart system in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of fresh food and allow it to grow on time. The Berlin-based startup builds a modular vertical farming unit placed directly in grocery stores.

"Food is currently transported 1,500 km, passing through 28 hands and wasting enormous amounts of energy, and 30% of the food is wasted before it gets to our plates," said Infarm co-founder Erez Galonska.

"Agriculture has become one of the most dangerous industries for our planet, responsible for 70% of the planet's water use, up to 24% of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as land degradation," Galonska said.

"Our system saves 90% water and 70% of the fertilizer, growing vertically, in a controlled environment, enabling it to maximize space and agriculture throughout the year, minimizing transportation and cooling energy. Infarm 10 times more environmentally friendly," Galonska said.

Customers choose fresh vegetables, fruits, spices and fresh herbs directly. Modular farming units are stacked to fill space in restaurants, supermarkets or in warehouses in sheltered boxes that are free from air pollution, without the need for excessive fertilizers and pesticides.

Each hydroponic seed is monitored and controlled through a central agricultural machine learning platform to adapt the growing environment and ensure each plant gets the best conditions for growth and treatment in more futuristic ways.

"Infarm is an on-demand agricultural services startup to provide fresh and nutritious urban populations, by distributing intelligent vertical farms throughout the city, directly to where people live and eat," said Infarm co-founder Osnat Michaeli.

"We specialize in growing green vegetables, herbs, lettuce and microgreens that are flavourful, beautiful and nutritious, 365 days a year and all seasons," says Michaeli.

Modular vertical growth units incorporate hydroponics, LED lighting, various sensors, and software platforms to measure developments in high precision from a distance. Controlled ecosystems will optimize bulk yields.

"Each farm unit is an ecosystem of its own, creating the right environment for plant growth, we adjust the spectrum of light, temperature, pH, and nutrients to ensure maximum natural expression of each plant in terms of taste, color, and nutritional quality," Michaeli said.

Infarm recently raised an additional €4 million to implement machine learning. Small individual units placed precisely in the eyes of customers allow a small physical footprint, while also can be upgraded to higher production levels with the addition of more units.


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