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Kakao and Volkswagen collaborate for smart car connectivity

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Tinuku ~ Kakao Co. And Volkswagen collaborated on building autonomous and connected vehicle technology. South Korean mobile messaging giant KakaoTalk and global carmaker Volkswagen have agreed to develop their tech savvy mobility business for autonomous vehicles and connected cars. Volkswagen Executive Jurgen Stackmaan and Kakao CEO Rim Ji-hoon meets in Seoul.

Tinuku Kakao and Volkswagen collaborate for smart car connectivity

South Korea's most popular social media operator, Kakao, on Friday confirmed a partnership with an automotive company headquartered in Wolfsburg, Volkswagen (VW). Kakao CEO Rim Ji-hoon held a high-level meeting with VW executives to discuss the partnership.

"Discussed an interesting project with Jimmy Rim, CEO of Kakao in Seoul," said Volkswagen Executive Jurgen Stackmaan.

Stackmaan visited the Kakao headquarters that the two companies discussed the best way to combine services, their strengths and advance the development of connected car businesses.

"Kakao has GPS-based navigation, parking and artificial intelligence-based mobility technology can be applied to connected vehicles developed by Volkswagen," said a Kakao spokesman.

Both companies have also partnered in the previous mobility service business. In July last year Volkswagen was one of the first partners to participate in the promotions offered by Kakao cabs calling Kakao Taxi applications.

The new collaborative partnership talks of the two giants between Kakao and Volkswagen occur as Kakao has encouraged investment towards the development of new mobility solutions and artificial intelligence technologies.

In May, Kakao announced it would move taxi, driver and navigation services to a new subsidiary called Kakao Mobility. The new company has raised 500 billion won (US$433 million) from a consortium led by TPG based in the United States.

Kakao also has developed AI as a top priority and in February it established a new business subsidiary named Kakao Brain to conduct research and development of AI technology. The new company is actively investing in AI startups and building human resources in the AI field.

While Volkswagen has made a new partnership with AI-based technology companies as an integral part for the development of autonomous vehicles and future mobility services. Last month they announced a partnership with Nvidia that is oriented to traffic flow management.


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