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Lucid Air's all-electric car hit top speed 378 km/h

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Tinuku ~ Lucid Motors rolls out Lucid Air's all-electric car at a top speed of 235 mph (378 km/h). The electric car maker headquartered in Menlo Park continues to spur Lucid Air's performance and the latest tests hit record highs as impressive speeds for all-electric cars or cars of any kind in which the highest performance Tesla Model S has a top speed of 155 mph (249 km/h ).

Tinuku Lucid Air's all-electric car hit top speed 378 kmh

Tesla and most vehicles install software to limit high speeds to prevent damage to the powertrain and prevent heat on battery packs. Lucid removed the restrictions to test the new vehicle platform and produce a top speed of 235 mph.

"Despite the incredible car, we also found the opportunity to fix the air suspension that is able to adjust fairly quickly to near 200 mph. We also found the front motor running at temperatures higher than expected in computer simulations," said Lucid Motors in a statement.

"Before returning to the second test, we made some adjustments.The air suspension requires software updates to improve the response.The front motor requires updates of coolant flow and ventilation. A new and efficient aerodynamic wheel is installed," said Lucid Motors.

Lucid Air has an amazing interior design. They are reportedly managing $ 700 million to operate a plant under construction in Arizona and will be ready to produce Lucid Air and hit the market.

"235.44 mph. While it may be the highest speed on this day with such conditions and at the development stage for the Alpha Speed Car, this is not the highest-speed final production for Lucid Air," said Lucid Motors.

"This represents further evidence Lucid Air is an uncompromising vehicle offers outstanding performance and dynamics, yet offers exceptional space and comfort for a luxurious experience," said Lucid Motors.


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