Lyft launched its own autonomous car division

Tinuku ~ Lyft car transportation launches autonomous vehicle division. San Francisco-based technology company opens its own self-driving division to develop autonomous drive technology. On Friday the online transportation services company said the future is a technological battle for business competition for the next 10 years and beyond will be determined by this technology.

Tinuku Lyft launched its own autonomous car division

Lyft's Vice President of Engineering, Luc Vincent, said the latest move is part of the company's efforts to build an ecosystem that offers various types of rides, including taxis using drivers and taxis using autonomous vehicles.

"We do not think of self-driving divisions as a side project, this is the core of our business, we will continue to grow the team next month," Vincent said in a statement.

The company will build a facility for this new division in Palo Alto, California, which will be called Level 5 Engineering Center. Lyft is determined to work on technology development that allows autonomous vehicles to be fully level 5 which means the car can drive itself in any situation without human presence.

Uber as Lyft's strongest competitor has spent millions of dollars building facilities in the United States and Canada for autonomous car hardware and software research. Other technology companies, including Alphabet's Waymo, Baidu, Yandex, Volvo and Optimus Ride are also racing on autonomous drive technology.

Vincent says the ride-sharing service provider has an interest in developing autonomous vehicles. The technology app allows users to book a ride using the smartphone and the car will automatically drive to the location and pick up.

Autonomous cars make transportation cheaper and more efficient. Vincent also said Lyft has a unique position to build this technology and will work with partners to launch autonomous cars on the fastest, safest, and most efficient scale.

Lyft drivers travel tens of millions of miles each day and the company has been collecting data to continue improving services. Going forward, the company plans to equip vehicles with more sensing capabilities to build high definition 3D maps and related data.