Moby Mart self-service shop adopting AI by Wheelys

Tinuku ~ Moby Mart is a sophisticated self-service shop adopting artificial intelligence technology. A futuristic bus shop runs slowly on Anfu Street, Puxi District, Shanghai, China. A young woman on the roadside calls through a Moby Mart shopping app on a smartphone 200 meters away. Just a few minutes, this mobile shop came in, the door opened and out the "Welcome" voice.

Tinuku Moby Mart a self-service shop adopting AI by Wheelys

Customers take goods including tested shoes. Items are scanned using smartphones. Once done, the customer goes out of the store with a shopping cart, while the balance is automatically deducted for the purchased item. No cashier and waiter. Moby Mart a self-service shop adopting AI by Wheelys

Moby Mart beta store test by Wheelys where early last year they debuted a static shop without a cashier in a small town in Sweden. A similar store named Amazon Go is done by Amazon which tests a retail location without cashier in Seattle and a supermarket concept of Tao Café by Alibaba.

Wheelys is a startup headquartered in Sweden carrying the unique concept of being without staff, powered by smart phone applications, autonomous shaped and moving on the highway. There was no queue and no cash, just a holographic shop assistant.

The holographic shop assistant is supported by artificial intelligence that keeps a record of shopping habits and makes recommendations. This virtual clerk will use cloud computing to form a network that tracks behavior around the world and allows Moby Mart to tailor products to specific areas.

This 24-hour store offers products for immediate consumption, such as milk, lunch, potato chips, chocolate, or over the counter medicines. Autonomous vehicles are controlled using software that tracks inventory of customer-ordered locations and warns Moby Mart when it's time to replenish merchandise.

"Just go to the store, take what you need, and leave the store," said Wheelys CEO, Maria De La Croix.

The store runs on electric power, solar panels on the roof and features four drones to deliver larger items to nearby customers. Wheelys collaborated with Hefei Technical University in China and Himalafy technology company to design Moby Mart. Shop for US$100 thousand per unit. Moby Mart a self-service shop adopting AI by Wheelys

"Vehicle stores are much more efficient, servicing business areas during the day and residential areas during the evenings and weekends, and they also serve rural areas or vacations in one smarter way," said Wheelys founder Per Cromwell.

Wheelys was established in 2014 and initially focused on selling coffee stands. This startup has received over €350,000. In 2016, the company also acquired Näraffär is a shop system without staff opened in Sweden in the same year. All purchases are made through the application and the customer must be a member.

"I believe in the next 5-10 years all stores will look like this," said Croix.