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Nauto raised $159 million in Serie B for autonomous car data

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Tinuku ~ Nauto Inc raised US$159 million fund led by SoftBank Group Corp and Greylock Partners to expand the autonomous vehicle data platform. A startup headquartered in Palo Alto focuses on fleet tool installation with a camera-equipped safety device as a springboard for the development of autonomous vehicles. Other investors involved in this Series B round are General Motors Ventures, Toyota AI Ventures and BMW iVentures and Allianz Group.

Tinuku Nauto raised $159 million in Serie B for autonomous car data

Nauto has raised $ 159 Series B funding to further develop people and their behavior to improve driving safety practices. But the platform also has a second goal is to build a huge collection of data that is very valuable in the development of autonomous cars.

Nauto CEO Stefan Heck said the potential value of data for autonomous vehicles was a strong driver for Softbank, General Motors Ventures, Toyota AI Ventures, BMW iVentures and Allianz Group. Inventors on Series A are the Playground Global and Draper Nexus.

The company was established in 2015 to use new funding for the real data collection effort needed to gain a proper understanding of how to behave behind the wheel as a stagger to get to autonomous vehicle technology.

"Nauto generates valuable data sets for autonomous driving on a large scale," said Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son.

Nauto technology is based on a dashcam to monitor drivers believed to be an important part of autonomous car technology for levels 3 and 4. At level 5, a vehicle requires no input or attention by the driver at all. But levels 3 and 4 require a transition period to level 5.

"Nauto is mobilizing vehicles to collect more data miles, the Nauto network becomes more precise, gaining a greater understanding of human behavior and providing more valuable safety data," Heck said.

"The resulting insight helps improve fleet safety and operations, saves lives, reduces responsibilities and costs. Over time, the Nauto data platform will inform the transition and coexistence of human-controlled and autonomous vehicles," Heck said.


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