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Telegram CEO Pavel Durov apologizes and ready cooperate with Indonesia

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Tinuku ~ Telegram admitted wrong and set up a special team for Indonesia. The founder and CEO of Telegram applications, Pavel Durov, has officially apologized and admitted the Indonesian government has blocked the encrypted social media application that is considered full of terrorist content channels.

Tinuku Telegram CEO Pavel Durov apologizes and ready cooperate with Indonesia

Pavel Durov acknowledged Telegram had received prior notice by Indonesia, but did not respond quickly so that the verdict was finally to be accepted by Telegram. Durov acknowledged many Indonesians who use Telegram are now even numbering millions.

"I was disappointed to hear the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Informatics blocked Telegram because the ministry had previously sent us messages via e-mail about terrorist-related content on Telegram public channel and our team did not proceed immediately," Durov wrote in the early hours of Sunday.

On Friday, July 14, 2017 at 11:00 am, the Indonesian Ministry has blocked Telegram applications in Indonesian territory. This Southeast Asian country has a majority Muslim population and is very strong in conducting terrorism prevention and eradication operations.

In recent months the Philippine Government has fought against the Marawi jihadists who have rebelled in the south or directly adjacent to the territory of Indonesia. Several countries in the region have accused Telegram of long-time use of terrorists to coordinate with each other to design terrorist attacks.

The Indonesian government says Telegram has contained content that threatens security. They say a lot of channels in the service are loaded with propaganda of radicalism, terrorism, hatred, bomb-making, attacking lessons, disturbing images and others.

According to the ministry's official statement the blocking was done by cutting access to Telegram's 11 Domain Name System (DNS). Termination of DNS connection is done after the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology asked the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to do so.

Durov also regrets having ignored the request in the email and caused miscommunication. To remedy this situation Telegram has undertaken a three-step solution to block all terrorist-related public channels such as Indonesia has delivered.

Telegram has also sent email replicas to establish direct communication with ministries that enable Telegram to work more efficiently in identifying and blocking future terrorist propaganda.

Durov also formed a special team of moderators who mastered Indonesian language and culture so that handling of reports of terrorist-related content could be done more quickly and accurately.


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