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Qwake Technologies build C-THRU helmet equipped AR for firefighters

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Tinuku ~ Qwake Technologies developed a fire fighting helmet using augmented reality (AR) technology. California-based semiconductor company designed the AR tech helmet named C-THRU for firefighters. Sophisticated helmets provide better situational awareness to determine more effective and speedy steps to overcome incidents of fires.

Tinuku Qwake Technologies build C-THRU helmet equipped AR for firefighters

So far, many augmented reality technologies have been implemented in the game industry, retail and architecture. Though still open wide for technology developers to explore in various fields, such as futuristic helmets for firefighters by Qwake Technologies.

C-THRU features Nvidia Tegra processor to navigate in real-time via transparent displays. Firefighters will continue to run in smoke and low light situations using thermal camera features, biometric sensors, and toxicity sensors. Qwake Technologies build C-THRU helmet equipped AR for firefighters

These helmets will provide better situational awareness so that they can determine more effective and quicker steps to overcome a fire incident to save lives in the narrow gap between life and death.

Qwake Tech also develops object recognition and tracking features to facilitate fire fighting. Systems are designed to work with other technology devices such as drones, cameras, and other protective equipment.

The company is working with firefighters to improve the current thermal imaging. The C-THRU display is positioned in front of the eye providing handsfree AR video feed. The company says the device allows firefighters to move faster through building cracks.


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