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Shuttl announced new safety and well-being features

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Shuttl announces new safety and welfare features for passengers. Startup bus transportation service technology headquartered in Gurugram, North India, announced the system is more appropriate to overcome service challenges. The application-based company founded in 2015 announced features that are claimed to protect and pamper users at all times.

Tinuku Shuttl announced new safety and well-being features

Shuttl announced half a dozen emergency features that were soon launched into a network of more than 450 buses. The feature called SOS allows passengers to turn on the alarm. Physical panic buttons are also installed near the front door to slow down the bus and will stop at the nearest bus stop.

CCTV devices are added where each passenger sharing them with friends and family via a URL link enables them to watch real time travel footage. The startup also adds an alcohol detector to ensure the driver does not consume alcohol during the trip.

Each bus has the ability to authenticate passengers using face scans. The Shuttl app asks the visitor to upload the image as an optional feature for faster check-in and passengers can also use the audio system.

The "homecheck" feature if enabled allows startup to monitor GPS coordinates from passengers after they leave the bus to make sure they get home. If they do not get home on time, they will receive a call from computer to check their location and welfare.

Shuttl founder, Amit Singh, said the company also plans to continue expanding on new routes. Today the company has more than 35,000 monthly active customers and about 20,000 of them are up each day.

Startup also announced Shuttl TV is an infotainment system that allows passengers to choose movies from catalogs and watch on-screen installed near the door. Passengers must attach earphones to their own phone to get sound.


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