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Statoil builds the world's first floating wind power plant

Tinuku ~ Statoil develops the world's first floating wind power plant off the coast of Scotland. Norway's multinational oil and gas company headquartered in Stavanger, Statoil ASA, has made an investment decision to build a floating and transferable windmill. Hywind Scotland Pilot Park was launched off the coast of Peterhead in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, to support 20,000 homes.

Tinuku Statoil builds the world's first floating wind power plant

The world's first full-scale floating power plant with higher turbines than Big Ben UK is being built off the coast of Scotland. This technology by Statoil ASA allows the windmill to be moved easily and wind harvested in the deepest marine waters.

"This is a technology development project to ensure work in open ocean conditions.This is a game-changer for floating wind power and we believe it will help lower costs," said Leif Delp, project director of Hywind.

Statoil says output from turbines will surpass existing generation technologies. Large turbines are built on land when and today are being moved into place. By the end of this month all the turbines will be pulled up to 25 kilometers from the beach. Statoil builds the world's first floating wind power plant

Each tower has a total height of 253 meters, weighs 11,500 tons and generates 6MW of electricity. Each fan is 75 meters in diameter or nearly the size of an Airbus wing. Turbines utilize software to rotate propellers, anticipating wind movement, waves and ocean waves.

The giant tower floats above a 78-meter-tall vase-like tube and the bottom of a turbine filled with iron ore to stay upright in the water. Each tower is drawn using cables and barges to support the crew and other equipment.


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