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Alibaba's Tao Cafe, a futuristic unmanned supermarket

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Tinuku ~ Alibaba introduces Tao Cafe is a supermarket without queue and cashier. Alibaba Group introduced new supermarket concept called Tao Cafe as part of the second Taobao Maker Festival in Hangzhou International Expo Center, Zhejiang Province, China. A futuristic supermarket can be called an unmanned supermarket or self-service supermarket, Tao Cafe does not need store assistants, managers and cashiers.

Tinuku Alibaba's Tao Cafe, a futuristic unmanned supermarket

The e-commerce giant headquartered in Hangzhou is conducting experiments to create cashier-free cafes and cashless payments using artificial intelligence and connected big data technologies linked to Taobao accounts.

"Tao Cafe, a cafe without cash register and cash, is another way by Alibaba to show off technological capabilities in connecting offline and online shopping world," said Chris Tung, Chief Marketing Officer, Alibaba Group.

Visitors only need to scan QR Code in Taobao app. Next, free any shopping, eat at food court available and payment is made at the end of the visit. No transaction with physical money, but through Alipay's digital payment service as part of Alibaba Group.

When a visitor leaves Tao Cafe, the system will automatically detect whatever items are brought. Then the system will take money from Alipay account of visitor automatically according to nominal purchase of goods.

If visitors hide shopping in their bags, not on plastics provided, the system will identify and cut Alipay's balance directly without much fuss. In this way, the line that usually happens in front of the cashier would be spared.

When visitors choose food in food court and want to pay, they go to the screen with speech-recognition. The screen will ask: "This is the food you take. Are you sure want to pay?" If the visitor's reply is "Yes", then the balance of Alipay will be deducted according to price.

Innovation by Alibaba Group is new experience for future lifestyle. Shopping is more practical, not complicated using physical money and no need to line up in front of cash register. Operators do not spend on labor and operational costs Tao Cafe is only a quarter of traditional supermarkets.

The first concept of Tao Cafe is open 24 hours and stands on an area of 200 square meters. Alibaba's representative said Tao Cafe is projected to become a commercial supermarket spread all over the world, but not yet in the near future. Let's wait.


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