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Alibaba launched Taobao Global US Merchants Network

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Tinuku ~ Alibaba launched Taobao Global US Merchants Network to make it easier for small entrepreneurs to access 500 million buyers. The e-commerce giant headquartered in Hangzhou,, announced the establishment of a network more than 300 merchants into platform. They say micro merchants sell products made by small and medium-sized US companies to more than half a billion customers in Alibaba.

Tinuku Alibaba launched Taobao Global US Merchants Network

Alibaba Vice President Brian Wong last month said the company is projected to have 2 billion buyers in the next 20 years and they expect the company's revenue to have a proportion of about 40 percent of international transactions in the next five years.

"It's not something we can achieve if we live in China, we need to go global," Wong said.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma in January met US president-elect Donald Trump for 40 minutes at Trump Tower in New York to increase US employment. Ma told a meeting to share the idea of trading and offered Alibaba platform for 1 million US vendors to sell to China and Southeast Asia.

These efforts have been realized in the newly launched Taobao Global US Merchants Network platform. Alibaba said small US entrepreneurs will have access to a centralized platform where they can connect and sell products to Taobao Global traders to Chinese consumers.

International small and medium sized companies have difficulty selling products to China. Entrepreneurs have a lot of unknown things like suply, taxes, regulations, marketing strategies until the implementation of operations.

Alibaba's efforts to connect US small entrepreneurs with consumers in China solve many of the operational challenges that may not be addressed by them. Alibaba will also hold regular training seminars on logistics and other e-commerce to help merchants identify industry trends and experiences about Chinese consumers.


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